14K Two-Tone Gold (YG/WG) Whale Tail Plumeria Pendant 1.4g GP3187

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SKU: GP3187
Solid 14K Two-Tone Gold (YG/WG) Gold Whale Tail Plumeria Pendant (Chain Sold Separately)
Item Number: GP3187
All Weights and Measurement are approximately and may vary slightly from listed information as below:
Weight: 1.4 gram
Measurements: 19x22mm (L by W)
Material: 14K Yellow Gold/White Gold

During the winter months it is common have Whale sightings in Hawaiian waters. The warm water and lack of predators makes it the perfect place to mate and care for their young. In Hawaiian culture the Whale tail is a symbol of freedom, strength and joyful spirit.

The Plumeria in Hawaiian culture symbolizes beauty, charm, grace and new beginnings or re-birth. Plumerias are one of the most popular flowers found in Hawaii and seen most in lei making and jewelry.

Chain sold separately.