8mm Cocobolo (Red Wood) Inlaid Tungsten Oval Wedding Ring

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8mm Cocobolo (Red Wood) Inlaid Tungsten Oval Wedding Ring
Item Number: TPX220
Material: Tungsten and Cocobolo
Band Width: 8mm
Feature: Waterproof, Comfort Fit

This beautiful ring is made from Cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa) inlaid in Tungsten with barrel shape finished. Tungsten is a heavier, tough metal that does not tarnish or scratch. The wood comes with a layer of resin which makes the ring waterproof.
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This dark red wood is called Cocobolo. This wood is a tropical hardwood of the tree Dalbergia retusa from Central America.
Cocobolo has a very oily look and feel to it. This oil lends a strong, unmistakable floral odor. It occasionally stains when its exposure is prolonged. It stands up to repeated handling and exposure to water. This wood is commonly found in musical instruments, bowls, pens and chess pieces. It has a fine texture, it is also considered to be very tough
and is a dense wood.