6mm Natural Hawaiian Koa Wood Inlaid Tungsten Oval Wedding Ring Yellow Gold Plated

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6mm Hawaiian Koa Wood Inlay Yellow Gold Plated Tungsten Oval Wedding Ring

Item Number: TUR4038
Material: Tungsten and Koa Wood
Band Width: 6mm
Feature: Waterproof, Comfort Fit

This beautiful ring is made from Natural Hawaiian Koa Wood inlaid in Tungsten. Yellow Gold Plated(Vacuum Plated). The color can stay much longer than regular plated. Tungsten is a heavier, tough metal that does not tarnish or scratch. The wood comes with a layer of resin which makes the ring waterproof.
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What is Koa
In the Hawaiian language Koa means brave, bold, fearless and warrior.
Koa or Acacia Koa is a large tree, typically attaining a height of 15-25m (49-82ft) and a spread of 6-12m (20-39ft). In deep volcanic ash, a Koa tree can reach a height of 30m (98ft), a circumference of 6m (20ft), and a spread of 38m (125ft). It is one of the fastest-growing Hawaiian trees, capable of reaching 6-9m (20-30ft) in five years on a good site.